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Eco-friendly and eye-catching

If you're after stunning event decorations that won't harm the environment, then balloons are for you.

Our balloons are biodegradable

Impact Balloons use environmentally-friendly latex balloons that break down at a similar rate to an oak tree leaf. Unlike plastic balloons, which are not biodegradable, sunlight and natural microorganisms help break latex balloons down so they absorb back into the earth. Once done with them, you can even add your latex balloons to your compost.

Not Plastic

Plastic and latex are not the same thing. Plastic is 100% man made polymer based synthetic. Latex is the sap of a tree, pure natural and harmless. Impact Balloons does not use balloon clips but rather we hand tie our latex balloons. 

Why No Balloon Releases?

While latex balloons are biodegradable, deliberately releasing balloons into the environment is unwise. Reports have indicated that some animals may mistakenly swallow a balloon seeing it as a potential food source. While the animal will likely pass this with no concern, it is regardless deemed a risk not worth taking. We don't litter in the street, neither will we litter in the sky.

Want to know more?

The Pro Environment Balloon Association has been working to educate on the potential negative side effects of releases and ultimately eliminate potentially harmful balloon releases around the world. Impact Balloons, a founding Member of PEBA, proudly supports this cause and will not facilitate any balloon release event. 

A range of resources and further reading is available at www.peba.com.au