Special Effects

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Special Effects

Calling attention seekers!
Forget what you thought you knew about balloons – Impact Balloons special effects guarantee to shock and inspire.

Balloon Drops
There's nothing as magical as a cascade of beautiful balloons falling from above. The reaction is always the same – children and adults alike pause, mesmerised by the descending sea of colour, before excited hands reach up to tap them back into the sky. The team at Impact Balloons have created balloon drops for huge events at the Crown Conference Centre and Forum theatre, letting thousands of balloons gently waft from the sky to spread smiles across the faces of all their guests. Whether you want to announce an important person, or create a thrilling crescendo to your special event, find out how we can create a balloon drop that your guests will never forget.

Illuminated Balloons
Add a dazzle to the dancefloor or a striking canopy at a convention centre with illuminated balloons that ooze sophistication. Carefully placed lights ensure a warm glow filters through the room, creating an effect like no other. Impact Balloons will rise to any balloon challenge, so ask us what we can do with your blank event canvas.

Motion Balloons
Tell us your wildest balloon dreams and we'll make them a reality. From motorised sculptures, to helium powered "reveals", to mascots crafted from balloons, we've got the experience and creativity to get a crowd's (and often the media's) attention. 

Enter Confetti Cannons
After the drum roll sounds and the winner is announced, crank up the feelgood vibe with a blast of coloured confetti to celebrate a milestone or achievement. Grins will be plastered across faces as the crowd jumps to a standing ovation, celebrating for the spectacular effect as well as the dignitary. Impact Balloons have confetti cannons in all sizes for indoor and outdoor events and offer custom confetti colours to suit your theme or corporate branding.your text here...

Exploding Balloons
All it takes is the press of a button to shock and inspire your guests. In a split second, large balloons around the room pop to release hundreds of tiny balloons that cascade to the ground or float to the roof. Impact Balloons work with Australia's biggest fireworks technicians so we know how to create a perfectly-timed special event.

Balloon Releases
Once a popular addition to memorial services and celebrations, balloon releases are these days are generally deemed not environmentally sound.
Impact Balloons regards itself as a leader in the balloon industry in the fight to protect our environment. For this reason we will not conduct balloon release services. Ask us how we can provide the wow to your event in an ecologically responsible fashion.